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Charisse was beautiful: Thick strawberry blonde tresses framed her lovely face.  Green eyes danced above high cheekbones and a demur nose.  Everyone thought she was at least 10 years younger than her high school yearbook betrayed.  Though middle aged, she had to shop in the junior’s section of women’s stores because ‘petite’ women’s sizes were too big in the waist. 

            Amazingly, she was also intelligent, a successful businesswoman, and frugal.  She loved to laugh and tease.  She went to church every Sunday and had no bad habits.  Her only daughter was about to graduate from high school and they had a great relationship.

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Freedom from the Pain of the Past

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Do you know those who, though they know Jesus, are still chained to their past?  Have you wondered why they can’t get free and live life normally?

The truth is, we are afraid to deal with our painful past.  Originally, burying it was a healthy survival technique.  To get up and go the next day, we had to “stuff our stuff” into some recess of our soul and forget it, at least for now. 

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