What Clients Say

When you said it was possible to fall back in love with my husband, I thought YOU were the crazy one. But you helped us change our way of relating and before long, my love for him returned. I’m still amazed.

I felt confident in the combination of the counselor’s psychological knowledge and his spiritual insight. He got to the root of the problem and I felt the solution was from the Lord.

The hardest part of going to counseling was the fear.  I was so scared!  In the first few minutes, you put me at ease and helped me feel safe.  You let me go at my pace.  It was still hard but not nearly as bad as I feared.

Our situation was out of control. We needed someone to tell us if we were handling things properly. Having someone to talk to was so helpful.

The difference in our home is remarkable. It’s a joy to go home now.

Our marriage was on life support when I called. Even though she wouldn’t come in, you helped me make the changes I needed to make. Then she got curious and joined us. I can’t believe how good it is now.

Thank you for helping us save our marriage. God truly gave us the miracle we needed.

(Single) Parenting isn’t as terrifying. We can argue and still love each other.

Going to counseling helped me put my problems into a perspective which I could deal with.